How do I become a Certified Marquette Method Instructor?

At this time, the MMPA is working to develop a certification exam. Marquette Method Teachers who are registered with the MMPA will be required to write the certification exam at the time of roll-out. Once the member has passed the exam, they will be designated as a Marquette Method Certified Professional.

In the meantime, we encourage Marquette Method Teachers to join the MMPA as a registered member, to become an active member in the Marquette Method Teacher’s community!  

Marquette Method Teachers who join the MMPA ahead of the certification exam roll-out will have access to the following benefits:


  • Access to our exclusive online community – our community is hosted through a secure platform and is only accessible to members of the MMPA. This platform allows us to post questions to our peers, present case studies, and give feedback on case studies – as well as providing an opportunity for Marquette Method Teachers to keep a pulse on trends in the NFP sphere


  • Certification Exam Fees Waived – at the time of the certification exam roll-out, current members of the MMPA will be able to write the exam without paying an exam fee


  • Support for Students – student teachers who are currently enrolled in the Marquette Method Teacher Training program will have the ability to ask questions to master teachers, and an opportunity to collaborate and connect with other student teachers in the program 

Steps to become a Marquette Method Certified Professional (MMCP) 




  1. Completion of Teacher Training Course through the Marquette University Institute of NFP or other USCCB approved Marquette Method Teacher Training Course 

2.  Join the Marquette Method Professionals Association

3.  Certification Exam (roll-out planned for Spring 2022) – The initial certification is by exam.- certification indicates that you meet a certain standard of competence. This process validates your knowledge base, enhances clinical performance, improves credibility and confidence.  

  • Marquette Method Teachers who have recently completed the Teacher Training Course will be required to pass a certification exam. This exam assesses the knowledge and competence of the Marquette Method Instructor to ensure that they have an adequate knowledge base to teach and support couples.
  • Marquette Method Teachers who have completed the Teacher Training Course and are currently working as a Marquette Method Teacher will have the option to challenge the certification exam


To maintain certification as an MMCP there will be ongoing validation of specialty experience and knowledge of skills. 












Continuing Education

Members of the MMPA are required to continue growing their depth and breadth of knowledge. Members will be required to renew their certification every two years, and will need to provide proof of continuing education at the time of recertification.

Examples of acceptable continuing education options include:

  • Reading and reviewing journal articles in the field of NFP and human fertility
  • Courses offered through Universities or other contuing education programs related to NFP
  • Attending conferences or summits related to NFP and human fertility