How to Become a Marquette Method Instructor

Pre-Requisites to becoming a Marquette Method Instructor

The Marquette University Institute of Natural Family Planning operates within the Marquette University College of Nursing. The Marquette teacher training program meets the standards for diocesan NFP ministry as laid out by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). 

The Marquette Method Teacher Traning program is a professional online educational program,  and is designed for health care providers. Students participating in this program must hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. 

Marquette Method Teacher Training Program

The Marquette Method Teacher Training program is an online program with a combination of theory and application based teaching techniques. 

The teacher training program is self-paced, and has three different components:

  • Core Course – focuses on the theoretical and philosophical foundations of NFP
  • Teacher Training Course – prepares the student to become a confident and competent Marquette Method Instructor
  • Precptorship – students teach their first 10 clients under the guidance of  a qualified, experienced Marquette Method Instructor

Medical Applications Course

The Marquette Institute of NFP also provides an optional  Medical Applications course. This course is for advance practice providers or prescribers who want to know more about how to incorporate NFP into their practice. 

Certification Process

Professionals who have completed  the Marquette Method teacher training program are encouraged to register with the Marquette Method Professionals Association in order to become a Certified Marquette Method Instructor.